This is vibrant health - the vitality that flows from creating alignment between your body, your mind, and your spirit; bringing every part of you into synch. Ready to step beyond the struggle for answers and take control of your health?

Transform your health with my integrated, natural approach to wellness.

My work combines a deep understanding of molecular biology with the wisdom of natural medicine, acupuncture/acupressure, and traditional Chinese medicine, to bring alignment and vibrancy to my patients - in a gentle and compassionate way.


From Burnout to Jumpstart

Tired of searching for answers on your own? Frustrated because no one seems to listen or empower you to take control of your health? 

You’re in the right place.

  • “Natascha has been an important partner in reaching and maintaining my good health. The thing I’ve learned is that there is not just one answer. It’s not just diet, or sleep, exercise, stress relief or medication. It has been a basketful of little things that have made all the difference.”

  • “We both liked her energy and healing approach so much that we started to see her for all of our wellness needs. We each took her tests and consulted with her about supplements she suggested to make us feel our best.”

  • “I gained a new perspective. Natascha helped me become more calm and able to deal with whatever comes along.”

Too many people suffer from burnout due to pain, constant stress, fatigue, chronic conditions and exhaustion after illness. We live in a fast-paced world and it seems that taking care of oneself is not an option. Feeling well again, experiencing vibrant health and enjoying the activities that used to bring joy can seem out of reach for many.
But it is possible, in natural, safe and effective ways.

Join me for 7 days of simple actions you can take to go from feeling totally drained to jump starting your health.

This mini email course is my gift to you… are you in?

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I believe vitality is like a puzzle, and the keys to solving the puzzle are simple to understand. Using insights from Reiki, BioEnergetic work, functional nutrition and East-Asian and natural medicine my work guides my clients into vibrant health.

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Join Natascha Hebell, LAc, HHP for a private, focused consultation designed to interpret your body’s code and identify actions needed to help you feel better. Isn’t it time you saw the light?

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You have the power to improve your health. Ready to embrace vibrant health? Check out my free videos on DIY Acupressure and natural health.

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Ready to feel better? Take control of your health.

Step beyond the confusion of different test results, interpretations and recommendations from various source to the clarity that comes from a holistic approach to achieving vibrant health. Good things happen when you See the Light!  Schedule a complementary Discovery Call today!


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“I was experiencing frequent headaches and didn’t have the ability to sleep through the night. After acupuncture treatments I am able to sleep, feel much better, and no more headaches. ”

““Many aches and pains plagued my mornings, partly because I slept little and woke often. A lack of restful sleep lead to foggy, sluggish afternoons and then to depression. Now the depression has practically disappeared. Concentration has much improved. Aches and pains from inflamed joints are now non-existent. I plan to never get this far away from normal and comfortable, physical and emotional well-being again. THERE IS HELP!”

“I couldn’t walk up and down stairs, couldn’t stand up without some effort and time, and after getting up, had to shuffle my feet. I couldn’t even open a bottle of water. It was very painful...I felt all “locked up”. Now I can do all those things! I don’t hurt nearly as much. This has been the answer for me!”