DIY Acupressure

Acupressure is the practice of applying pressure to acupuncture points - on your own

Practical and easy to learn: it's a great way to improve your health in a safe, natural and effective way.

  • “I love how you explained Yin and Yang. This is a great foundation for me to know how acupressure works!”

  • “I really like your videos. They're short and easy to understand.”

  • “Wow, I didn't realize how fascinating acupuncture and Chinese medicine is. I'm glad you were able to explain it to me in a fun and easy way.”

Acupressure is the practice of applying the pressure of a fingertip to energy areas and points on the body that correspond to acupuncture meridians and acupuncture points - so YOU can take control of your health on your own.

Start Improving Your Health ~today~ With Acupressure

Jingle Bells! {Free}

With this Acupressure Protocol you can improve your digestion, strengthen your immune system AND keep a calm mind - just what you need for this holiday season!

Improve Digestion {Free}

"Stomach 36" is one of the most important acupressure points.  Discover how it works in this short video series.

Strengthen Your Immune System {Free}

This video series demonstrates two main acupressure points that support a healthy immune system.

Two Ways to Naturally De-Stress in Just 1 Minute!

Learn a 1-minute acupressure protocol that you can do by yourself anytime you feel stressed with video instructions and downloadable PDF guide.

5-Point DIY Acupressure System ($19)

This online video course teaches the foundation of Yin, Yang, Five Elements and my proven my 5-Point DIY Acupressure System to (1) fight inflammation, (2) strengthen the immune system and  (3) regulate metabolism

1:1 Private Acupressure Consultation ($89)

During this private consultation with Natascha Hebell, LAc, HHP, discover what your tongue says about your body and which acupressure points are best for your constitution and health concerns. Bonus: Acupressure Prep Course (5-Point DIY Acupressure System)

LIVE Acupressure Webinar

During the LIVE Acupressure Webinar you can directly chat with Natascha Hebell, a licensed acupuncturist, to discuss customized acupressure protocols, ask questions about Chinese medicine, and get expert answers about holistic wellness.

DIY Acupressure {Free}

Access a short (< 5 min) instructional video outlining my proven 5-Point DIY Acupressure System to beat inflammation and support vibrant health.

Activate Your "Healer" Within {Free}

Sometimes we need to go back to basics. Follow the simple recommendations of this gentle 7-Day course to activate your body's own healing system.

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Step beyond the confusion of conflicting tests, interpretations and recommendations from various sources to the clarity that comes from a holistic approach to achieving vibrant health.