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The global emergence of the Coronavirus in 2020 has brought new challenges to businesses from an economic, operation and personnel perspective. These are uncertain economic times on a global basis and at home, working parents are faced with online schooling situations.

Uncertainty in the areas of health, educational, social and economic outcomes abound.

Global Pandemic & Mental Health Consequences

    • Sleep aid prescriptions are up 15%
    • Insomnia complaints are up 25%
    • Over 40% of adults experience mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression
  • Expected productivity drops: up to 10%
  • 65% of HR manager report challenges in maintaining employee morale
  • Emergency hotline for people in emotional distress registers more than 1,000% increase compared to last year.

In 2020 (and beyond) it is imperative that everyone improves their mental resilience, health and productivity in the new normal and beyond. Consistent self-care can be honed by periodic messaging and simple exercises. A holistic solution to teaching people manage stress and anxiety and unlocking people’s healing potential consists of self-care, nutritional education and healthy habits.

View monthly webinars and worksheets

Monthly Recipes (Omnivore and Vegetarian Options) with pantry list and suggested meal lists for every week of the year.

Month 1 - Webinar: Clean Eating 101. 

Assignment Handouts: Clean Eating To Do’s. Be a Label Detective.

Month 2 - Webinar: Sugar 101. 

Assignment Handouts: Be a Sugar Detective, Your Sugar Detox Daily Schedule

Month 3 - Webinar: Gut & Immune 101. 

Assignment Handouts: Be a Gut & Immune Lifestyle Rockstar, Your Gut & Immune Daily Schedule

Month 4 -  Webinar: Family Health. 

Assignment Handouts: Family Health To Do’s. How to Get Picky Kids to Eat Healthy. Build a Fulfilling Family Relationship.

Month 5 -  Webinar: Easy Meal Prep 101. 

Assignment Handouts: Meal Prep 101 To Do list, Your Meal Prep Schedule, Smoothie Pack Meal Prep Method.

Month 6 -  Webinar: Metabolism 101. 

Assignment Handouts: Metabolism 101 To Do’s. Metabolism Boosting Musts, Metabolism Boosting Foods and Drinks

Month 7 -  Webinar: Energy & Biohacking 101. 

Assignment Handouts: Energy & Biohacking 101 To Do’s, 10 Ways to Biohack your diet. Simple Ways to Biohack

Month 8 -  Webinar: Hormone Health 101. 

Assignment Handouts: Hormone Nourishing Foods, Good Hormone Balancing Habits.

Month 9 -  Webinar: Movement and Exercise 101. 

Assignment Handouts: Movement and Exercise To Do’s. Motivation for Movement and Exercise. Keep It Fresh.

Month 10 -  Webinar: Anti-Aging. 

Assignment Handouts: Anti-Aging To Do’s. The Wrinkle Causing Dirty Dozen. The Fine 9 - Superfoods for Anti-Aging.

Month 11 - Webinar: Daily Habits for Self-Care 101. 

Assignment Handouts: Self-Care 101 To Do List, Your Self-Care Daily Schedule, Journaling Methods for Self-Care.

Month 12 - Webinar: Toxin Free Living. 

Assignment Handouts: Toxin Free To Do’s. The Clean 15 and The Dirty 12, Toxic cleaning Chemicals to Avoid.

Emotional and Physical Health Start With Healthy Habits

For an organization to be successful, employees need to operate from a place of strength, calm and resilience

Monthly Webinars

30 minute webinar with actionable information


Wellness tips & healthy recipes reinforcing healthy habits

Natural & Effective

Positive lifestyle changes promote health and vitality

Dr. Hebell-Fernando, PhD began her education with extensive study in molecular biology before receiving an MBA from Clemson University. During her work as a DNA researcher, she observed the very real need for uncovering the root cause of illness and working with the body’s wisdom to promote healing. This observation became the foundation for her love of healing modalities found in Reiki, functional nutrition, and East-Asian medicine. A lifelong learner, she completed her Integrative Medicine Doctor (BOIM) and Doctor of Humanitarian Services from the World Organization of Natural Medicine.

Over a decade ago, she founded Red Mountain Acupuncture, a successful holistic integrative clinic located in Arizona. As the owner, manager and one of the practitioners, her own health started to deteriorate. Once realizing that she herself was in burnout, she decided to focus on helping people prevent and recover from fatigue and burnout. She now leads her “Burnout Clients” on an integrative journey not just from a physical perspective but addressing mindset as well.

She is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Arizona. As Wellness Mentor and Burnout Coach she shares her insight and guidance virtually with clients worldwide while also providing turnkey corporate wellness programs with monthly webinars and accountability challenges.